Divorce and Family Law

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Divorce is usually one of the most painful and stressful experiences a person goes through in life. Many life-altering decisions must be made in a short period of time.  These decisions can potentially impact the rest of your life, as well as the lives of your children.  It is critical to avoid making these decisions without the advice of good counsel, especially when your children or property rights are at stake.  As an experienced family law attorney, I have seen the after-effects of bad decisions.  These types of errors can usually be avoided through the proper use of legal counsel.  An experienced divorce attorney can make all of the difference in the world by assisting you in sorting through these difficult decisions you must make and helping to protect you, as well as the best interests of your children, throughout the divorce process. Whether you are getting divorced or seeking custody of a child, the assistance of an experienced lawyer is crucial to finding a favorable resolution to your specific situation.

Divorce and other family law situations can routinely become overwhelming and emotionally draining matters. With that in mind, our staff works diligently to address all aspects of your divorce, custody dispute or modification proceeding, offering the advice you need to make the most educated decisions possible. Using our in depth knowledge of the law and local chancery courts, we are able to offer extensive advice on what to expect from your divorce or other family law matter. Divorce lawyer Ed Edwards assists Hancock and Harrison County clients with a variety of cases, including: