Military and Veteran Law

Military LawThere are many laws and benefit programs in place to help current and former service members. Unfortunately, the red tape that comes with these programs can turn what should be a routine legal matter into a complex one. If you need help navigating military and veteran law, turn to veteran Judge Advocate Ed Edwards.

Domestic and Family Law

If you’re involved in a family dispute or a divorce as a service member, you need to be aware of how military law affects the outcome of your family law case. Under the UCMJ, active duty members can face charges for failing to support their child or legally married spouse. If you are going through a separation, you must follow the formal legal process to protect yourself. Even if you believe you are informally separating on good terms, your spouse’s attorney may later use it against you.

The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act governs whether your spouse is entitled to a share of your benefits in a divorce. You should strongly consider working with an attorney who is familiar with this law to protect your assets, benefits, and future income in your divorce.

Veterans Benefits

Most people agree the VA system is broken. Too many veterans are wrongfully denied benefits or are needlessly put through a lengthy process to receive them. Many claims are denied based on technicalities and missing paperwork.

Ed Edwards is certified by the VA to guide you through the process of receiving benefits. While we may not be able to fix the VA, we can help you work within the system to receive your benefits in a timely manner.

To schedule a consultation with Ed, call our office today. We proudly serve military members and veterans in Hancock and Harrison Counties, Mississippi.